5 Best appointment reminder apps for small businesses

Working smart is the new norm. The fast-moving pace of incoming requests for appointments can cause frustration if you can’t respond to them or schedule them appropriately. The solution is turning to automation to help you save time, develop trust among your customers and remove no-shows possibilities from your business. This can be quite challenging for small businesses or startups.

We recommend you pick up the following appointment reminder apps:

Appointment reminder service

This is one of the best apps in the market. If you are starting and have a solid customer base, you need to have the app in your toolkit. Customers and business owners like it because of its simplicity. And nothing tastes so sweet like victory, right? You can swerve the learning curve and the competition by just using this app. Appointment reminder service can be linked with Google Calendar for better convenience. Just make sure that, in the end, you turn on the automatic send option. directly offers over 50 mind-blowing custom features. This powerhouse is suitable for complex businesses needs of private service, public service, and educational organizations. Representatives of such businesses are in the realm of technology or are in the online space, i.e., any social media platform.  

This app can handle booking appointments, accept online payments, and have a robust API to cater for integration with websites. If you are vying for something efficient and cheap, the service is below $10 per month and can be loaded with additional features.


This is one of the most current and reliable apps in 2021. And it is very convenient for small businesses ranging from realtors, accountants, healthcare, to sports agencies. It customizes your messages on e-mail or text and sends them as reminders to clients. You can also make a follow-up if there’s no response and reschedule when necessary.

The app is also integrated with Google Calendar, Outlook, iCal, and iPad. GoReminders have four pricing plans, each starting from $15 and depending on your business needs. If you pay a plan for the whole year, you enjoy up to twenty percent discounts. Furthermore, secure communication is assured because of encryption between parties within the app or web service.


This appointment scheduling service deals with small businesses in the informal sector of job creation. It supports tattooists, beauty professionals, and fitness specialists. However, the software can only be used on android and iOS devices. You can find it on Google Play Store or App Store. The special part of Appointfix is that you can see how your business is progressing because this cutting-edge technology generates business reports.

Since it can only be installed on iOS and Android devices, it can only be synced with Google Calendar and Outlook. Lastly, Appointfix has three plans – a free basic plan, a premium, and an ultimate plan.


It would be ignorant not to cover the healthcare sector. So, here’s one great appointment tool for future practitioners and doctors. This appointment reminder service is the home of check-ins, health movement, satisfaction analysis, broadcast messaging, and writebacks. Relatient makes sure the relations between the patient and healthcare providers are full of trust and confidence in terms of the deliverance of service and co-operation. Relatient sets itself apart because it has an effective way of engaging with the patient and sends payment reminders.

These features and options ensure great services provided and an increase in compliance with healthcare. It also gives the patients a feeling of participation as they are intertwined with health practices and procedures. Relatient has not revealed its pricing plans but has a free demo. So, after that, you can decide to buy its subscriptions or not.

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