7 Best Physical Therapy Methods Explained

When a person’s mobility is limited due to an injury – be it strained muscles, broken bones, or slipped discs – physical therapy is usually the primary care option to address this difficulty.  Physical therapy can help restore a patient’s normal movements and alleviate the pain one is experiencing to allow him/her to perform once again the daily functional activities of life. One can seek professional physical therapy services for proper assessment and diagnosis. Depending on the extent of the injury, different physiotherapy methods can be utilized to achieve faster recovery, prevent recurring injuries and improve one’s physical performance. Below are the most common methods for physical rehabilitation:

  • Manual therapy is considered to be the foundation of physical therapy. This conventional method is used for any injury, corrects movement restrictions and reduces or stops persistent aches and pains through stretching, massage, and exercises that strengthen affected areas in the body. To see videos of exercises for manual therapy, click the link:

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  • Patients with herniated discs can opt to do traction. It relieves the pressure on the spine by separating the vertebrae and thereby giving enough space for the nerves and less compression on the disc cartilage.