What Is a Personal Blog on Instagram?

Let’s take a look at what a personal blog on Instagram is and how it differs from a regular account. We will also reveal a few secrets on how to promote it properly in order to fuel the interest of the subscribers.

Why do you need a blog on Instagram?

So, if you have decided to try yourself as a blogger, then you need to know how to make a personal blog on Instagram, as well as how to properly maintain it, what is better to post and how to promote among competitors. Recently, on this social network, a blogger’s account is equated with a business profile. If you do not want to join the ranks of businessmen, you can simply limit yourself to information about yourself and what you want to tell your subscribers in the profile header. But in this case, you’ll lose the following privileges: the “Personal Blog” add-on under your Instagram name; in addition to the standard buttons – additional buttons for faster communication with you – “Contacts”, “E-mail” and so on; access to statistical data. Since the important aspect for bloggers is gaining Instagram followers and tracking the coverage of publications and audience activity, there is an opportunity to run events and set up ads faster. The prerequisite for such an account is an open page because with a closed profile you are unlikely to be read by anyone. Also, make sure you remember to link your Facebook account.

How to promote your blog

One of the most popular social networks where you can earn money is Instagram. And probably you are interested in how to get more IG followers. A blog is considered to be one of the methods of generating income. But do not think that everything is so easy and simple. For your profile to reach the top and get a lot of live people subscribed to it, not bots, then you need to work daily on quality content and maintain the interest of the audience, which is now very capricious.

What is valued on Instagram?

The most readable accounts are expert blogs. Topics can be different: from cosmetics, and children’s products to adult products. The main thing is to be on-topic like a duck to water. If previously short posts and colorful photos were in demand, now subscribers want a different format, of the type of online diaries. But you don’t have to make up “sheets” either, the text should be succinct and engaging, and most importantly concise; the audience is tired of “perfect” bloggers’ faces and staged photos. To make your subscribers like you, you should go live, and take shots at home, on the street, in the office, and so on without a huge number of filters. This increases loyalty and interest in your profile; the more you answer questions and choose interesting topics for discussion, even if they are controversial and acute, the more active your audience is. Another important thing is the photos you post on your profile. We’ve already written that a lot of ‘staged’ photos are no longer in fashion, but you shouldn’t post photos of poor quality. Everything should look aesthetic and beautiful. They can be images in the same color scheme if you make reviews of any goods. It is not forbidden to use filters and retouching, on the contrary, is welcome, but everything must be within the limits. Even though body positivity and naturalness are being promoted, users still want to see attractive photos.

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