When and Why Should a Person See a Physical Therapist?

Physical therapy is a non-pharmacological treatment which involves massages, heat and electric treatment, and exercise. Physical therapy makes daily activities easier as it relieves pain associated with certain disorders and injuries. It may also reduce the pain that occurs after surgery, and eventually helps in faster healing and recovery.

When is the best time for people to consult a physical therapist in New Jersey? If a person is suffering from sudden, unmanageable pain and that pain is hindering that person’s daily activity such as climbing up the stairs, walking, lifting objects, then that person should consult a physical therapist right away to manage the pain and prevent it from coming back. Physical therapy may also improve a person’s mobility and balance, preventing frequent fall, by giving exercises that improves muscle coordination. There may be cases that physical therapy may be the first option to manage pain or injury rather than taking surgery, which would cut the cost of treatment. Physical therapy may also help in rehabilitating people who recently suffered from a cardiac arrest. It may also improve lung function through strengthening and may help remove fluids in the lungs. Diabetic persons may also find physical therapy useful, since sometimes they find it uneasy to move their limbs, making exercise difficult. Exercise is important for these patients in order to manage their blood sugar levels. Physical therapist may also help people to manage the pain associated with arthritis. Video of sample physical therapy exercises for people with osteoarthritis:

Lastly, women who just gave birth may seek help from physical therapist to hasten recovery after delivery.

Physical therapy is also beneficial to athletes. There are cases where muscle and joint pains occur after training or sports event and it is advised that the athlete should take several days of rest and by icing the affected area. If the ache persist for 3-4 days, it is advisable to seek the help of a physical therapist. Recurring muscle aches, or pain that goes away after a few days and returns immediately after training may be caused by an injury and will not go away until that injury is directly acted upon. Traumatic events such as slipping, rolling your ankles, bumping or bruising may cause serious injury and are best taken to a therapist.

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Therapy helps athletes to prevent or recover from injury. Sharp muscle aches, pains that cannot be controlled by medicines and swelling of muscles may also occur and such injury may worsen if a professional physical therapist is not immediately consulted. Physical therapy for athletes may also improve their performance.

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